Should You Give Homework Over Christmas Break? 

I have mixed feelings about giving homework over holiday breaks. It seems that only about half the class (or less) ever remembers to turn in their homework the day after a break, and rarely remember it the week following a break. Instead of assigning regular homework this Christmas, I decided to do things a little…… Continue reading Should You Give Homework Over Christmas Break? 

Art · Paint

Kandinsky Trees

With my third graders, we had been talking about warm and cool colors, and I wanted to incorporate them into an abstract art project. Remember my Kandinsky mural art project? If you don’t, check it out! I used Kandinsky’s influence for our abstract trees art project, and the kids really enjoyed it! The trees look…… Continue reading Kandinsky Trees

Sensory Objects · Teaching

Busy Bars

Okay, guys. This bad boy right here is the reason I’ve been so sporadic about posting for the last year. I’ve been completing my 63 page  thesis (that’s right, sixty-three pages!!!) for my M.Ed degree in Curriculum and Instruction and have pretty much been MIA for the past year and a half while I went through the…… Continue reading Busy Bars


Paper Plate Skeleton

Who loves Halloween more than kids? My students have been talking about Halloween for weeks, and have been so excited as it’s been drawing closer. For science this week, I did a lesson on bones. We talked about what would happen to your skin without bones (think: gummy worm) and then I incorporated a hands-on art…… Continue reading Paper Plate Skeleton


Spelling Battleship

I’ve been so slow at posting lately, and I’m so sorry! I’ve been crazy busy with school starting back up and new programs being implemented at our elementary school, along with working on my thesis and wrapping up my masters program. More on my thesis and capstone project, an action research project taking place in…… Continue reading Spelling Battleship


Wax Museum

For our last writing project, I decided to get a little bit more creative. While I was at Edith Bowen Laboratory School, the fifth grade teachers, Joan Kyriopoulos and Jan Farmer, had their students participate in a project termed the Wax Museum. I loved the idea and decided to incorporate it into my own classroom.…… Continue reading Wax Museum


Kandinsky Murals

For art, we channeled Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky’s abstract, color-rich murals. His works were greatly influenced by Picasso, Van Gogh, and Matisse. Here was our inspiration: For this project, I gave each of my students a white piece of card stock. With the paper vertically on their desks, they measured 2 3/4 inches across and…… Continue reading Kandinsky Murals


“I Wish” Poems

In my classroom, we had been reading and discussing poetry for a couple of days. I wanted my students to write their own poems, but wasn’t sure where to start. I had remembered from the school I was previously at a poetry assignment one of the teachers had done, and I loved it! I decided…… Continue reading “I Wish” Poems


Here’s the SCOOP on our multiplication!

  My students really needed to kick it into gear on memorizing their multiplication facts. I came up with an incentive that helped them gain the motivation needed to start working on them. I made a deal with my students. Depending on how many facts they completed, that would be the determining factor of what…… Continue reading Here’s the SCOOP on our multiplication!