Zearn Math

I have recently discovered a new math program that I’ve been using daily in my classroom. I actually changed up my math instruction entirely to accommodate using the program during math. Instead of using whole-group math instruction, I am doing twenty-minute centers every day. One center is Zearn math on our Chromebooks, one is small-group…… Continue reading Zearn Math


Masters of Science, Curriculum and Instruction

Well, I did it!! I am enrolled to begin my masters degree on March 1st through Western Governors University. As of right now, I’m taking four classes during my six-month term, but will most likely migrate more courses into my term once I finish those classes. The wonderful thing about WGU is that once you…… Continue reading Masters of Science, Curriculum and Instruction


Masters Degree

Recently, I’ve been looking into getting my masters degree. It opens up so many doors, and helps me grow and develop as a teacher. I want to continue to improve, and will never stop learning and incorporating best practices, theories, and research into my own teaching. I inquired about Utah State’s master’s program, but I…… Continue reading Masters Degree