Roll and Read Sight Words

I have finished teaching my second week of first grade! First grade has been such a huge change from third grade. I was pretty shocked at the difference, even though I knew that, going in. The kids need much more assistance throughout the day with things that third graders can do independently, like shoe tying…… Continue reading Roll and Read Sight Words


How To Use Games with Language Arts

I love to use centers for my language arts instruction. Based on my current schedule, I can really only fit them in once a week. Instead of giving the kids worksheets or having them complete a workbook page, I try to incorporate fun, learning activities into our centers. I was browsing Pinterest (I know, I completely have…… Continue reading How To Use Games with Language Arts


Parts of Speech Fitness

At my school, we do something called “Walk to Read.” This consists of students separating into groups for intensive reading instruction based on their own level. This system has proved to be extremely beneficial in reaching target struggle areas for students, and has helped every student gain reading progress. Within my classroom, I have a…… Continue reading Parts of Speech Fitness