Make at Home Beginning Readers

I can’t believe that it’s already November! This school year is going by so quickly. First grade has kept me quite busy, especially since it’s my first year in first! I’ve had a steep learning curve and have really had to take a step back and figure out that what works for third graders doesn’t…… Continue reading Make at Home Beginning Readers


How To Use Games with Language Arts

I love to use centers for my language arts instruction. Based on my current schedule, I can really only fit them in once a week. Instead of giving the kids worksheets or having them complete a workbook page, I try to incorporate fun, learning activities into our centers. I was browsing Pinterest (I know, I completely have…… Continue reading How To Use Games with Language Arts


2017 Reading Challenge

Who loves to read? If you’re a voracious reader like me, you may find yourself in the same situation that I frequently find myself in. I tend to gravitate towards authors I know that I like, genres I know that I’m into, or re-reading books that I loved. Sometimes, I find myself stuck in a…… Continue reading 2017 Reading Challenge


Bookmark Reports

At our third grade collaboration, one of the teachers shared her ingenious take on reading calendars and book reports. My own experience with monthly reading calendars has led to disappointment. While a handful of my students have reported their nightly reading and had their parents sign it, I’ve had kids never remembering to turn any…… Continue reading Bookmark Reports


Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire

I’ve been re-reading Rafe Esquith’s bestseller, “Teach Like Your Hair’s on Fire – The Methods and Madness Inside Room 56,” and boy, let me tell you, that man is a genius. Not only does he sound like the coolest teacher in the world (and I wish I had him in fifth grade), but his methods…… Continue reading Teach Like Your Hair’s On Fire