Zearn Math

I have recently discovered a new math program that I’ve been using daily in my classroom. I actually changed up my math instruction entirely to accommodate using the program during math.

Instead of using whole-group math instruction, I am doing twenty-minute centers every day. One center is Zearn math on our Chromebooks, one is small-group math instruction with me, where we focus on the math lesson of the day, and the last center rotates between math games, fact fluency, or math mystery pictures, which my students beg to do every day! I love these, and you can find them on Coloring Squared’s website, among other places!

Zearn Logo

You’re probably wondering, what’s the big deal with Zearn? Why would you change up your math instruction to use it?

First of all, Zearn is INCREDIBLE. And my students love it, which is always an added bonus. It is a personalized learning curriculum targeted to each student’s needs. The biggest bonus? It aligns with the Common Core State Standards, so it focuses on exactly what we’re working on in the classroom and gives students extra practice and instruction in a kid-friendly, fun way! The lessons have games and activities embedded throughout, and has bright animation that keeps their attention.

The program is able to be used from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Sorry, older grades! I’m hoping that they’ll roll out a program for older kids, but we’ll see!

Zearn Math focuses on numeracy for all students, and has target missions for each year in school.

First grade looks like this:

  • Developing understanding of addition, subtraction, and strategies for addition and subtraction within 20

  • Developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value, including grouping in tens and ones

  • Developing understanding of linear measurement and measuring lengths as iterating length units

  • Reasoning about attributes of, and composing and decomposing geometric shapes

Sounds like the standards, right?

The lessons map out “missions” that help students achieve each of these standards.

First grade missions:

  1. Add and subtract small numbers – 10 topics, and 32 lessons
  2. Meet place value – 4 topics, 23 lessons
  3. Measure length – 4 topics, 10 lessons
  4. Add and subtract bigger numbers – 6 topics, 23 lessons
  5. Work with shapes – 4 topics, 13 lessons
  6. Add and subtract to 100 – 6 topics, 18 lessons

You can actually click into each mission and look at the activities that the kids will be doing for each. How cool is that?

Zearn gives you individual reports for each student’s progress with the program, and shows you the pacing guide of how your class is doing, which I love! It also alerts you if a student is having trouble in a specific area, so you can know exactly what to help with, if needed.

If you’re still not sold, you can try Zearn as a student on Zearn’s website. Or you can check out the videos below!


My only problem with Zearn is that I didn’t start it at the very beginning of the year. If I had, it would be solidifying and enriching my lessons, aligning exactly with what I’m teaching.

I’m planning on starting the program right at the beginning of the year next year, so I can maximize my students’ learning.

Zearn Math

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