When I Am 100 Years Old…

Our 100th day of school was a couple of weeks ago, and I had seen the cutest writing activity from a college friend and amazing educator, Alison Daugs, to celebrate. She let me in on how she made it happen, and I jumped on the opportunity to use it with my own students as the day approached.

To prepare for this activity, you’ll need to take a headshot of each of your students.

Next, you’ll want to download AgingBooth, a free app in the iTunes store. I uploaded each photo onto the app, and it automatically ages each picture. These turned out to look hilarious! I was laughing so hard, tears actually came to my eyes when I looked through them.

I emailed each picture to myself and printed it out in black and white. I glued each picture onto white cardstock, which I then glued onto large construction paper. We had done a writing assignment on what my students would be doing when they were 100 years old, which I glued onto the bottom of the construction paper, underneath their pictures.

I loved hearing everyone’s responses when they looked at them hanging outside in the hallway. They were a big hit throughout the school, and my students and their parents loved this activity!

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