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Basement Bathroom Reveal

We FINALLY finished our basement bathroom! We’ve been working on it for months, learning how to tape and texture, tile, do our own trim, and all of the extra finish work that takes so much time!

My parents had framed it out and helped us finish the Sheetrock, which was awesome!




As seen in one of my previous posts, I outlined how we tiled the floor and the wall, which were quite the projects!


Our tile wall is my favorite part about our bathroom. I feel like it really gives it a special touch that you don’t see in most bathrooms – especially a basement bathroom!


Every time I look at our bathroom, I am so shocked that we did it all ourselves! It reminds me of a bathroom from a magazine or HGTV!

I am obsessed with how everything ties in together, and if you’re interested in what we used, I compiled a list of everything to make it easier for your own project!







Shower and Bathtub: 

  • Tub Surround – Delta Classic 400 32 in. x 60 in. x 79 in. Bath and Shower Kit with Right-Hand Drain in White. I’m excited to have FIVE shelves!
  • Shower Curtain Rod – Home Basics 41 in. Curved Shower Rod in Chrome. I didn’t understand the hype of curved shower curtain rods, but I wanted to try one out. They are a game-changer! The curve of the curtain rod makes it so you have tons more space while showering!
  • Shower Curtain – We found ours here. I originally had a fun, patterned shower curtain to start, but it really took away from the look I was going for in our bathroom, and detracted from our tile wall. I wanted the wall to be the focal point, so I went with a classic white waffle from Walmart.


  • We went with a chrome set from Walmart, found here!


  • I wanted a thick, farmhouse-style white trim, so we used these. We painted them using Benjamin Moore’s White Dove paint, measuring and cutting our pieces after the two coats had dried. Each corner was an angle cut, so they met together nicely. We did have gaps between the walls and trim (which you will definitely have)! To finish it off nicely, we used DAP Alex Painters 10.1 oz. White Acrylic Latex Caulk. I caulked each gap, and then painted the caulk to match the trim and walls perfectly, so it couldn’t be seen.

The rug is from TJMaxx, but I couldn’t find it to link to their website! I’ll keep looking and update my post once I find it. 🙂

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