Make Your Own Snow

So far, our snow accumulation has been pretty sad this winter. Last winter, we were so lucky and had TONS of snow! This year, however, has been mainly cold and rainy – at least so far!

My students had been talking about how sad they were about the little snow that we do have, and how boring this winter was.

Because of that, I decided to bring our own snow into the classroom for science!


What You’ll Need:


  1. Mix the baking soda and conditioner in a large bowl. The snow feels cool and kind of heavy, like a wet, heavy snowfall would feel!

I doubled the recipe to ensure each of my students could take some home in a Ziploc bag. They all got the chance to play with it, make snowballs, and take the fun with them!

This awesome, hands-on science experiment was incredibly easy, and put a huge smile on my students’ faces!

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