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Furniture Makeover: Transform an Old Bathroom Vanity with Hardware and Paint

We’ve been transforming our house, one project at a time, for quite some time now. Our upstairs bathroom has been slowly moving along. We repainted the walls and wainscoting, but something was still missing.

We have a really cool vanity in our bathroom that used to be an antique desk. The wood was needing a good sanding and staining, for sure. It also had a missing knob, which needed replacing.


I definitely didn’t want to get rid of the vanity, because I love it! I adore antiques, and especially re-purposing them!

I have been working on a table for my sister, and used milk paint for the base. I had the idea to try it on the vanity, and figured if I didn’t like it, I could always sand it down and restart.

I used General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint. I wanted a creamy white color instead of a very bright white, and this was the perfect choice! If you’ve never used milk paint before, it’s definitely different to use than regular paint.

The biggest tips I read and can give about using milk paint are:

Invest in a good quality paint brush.

This will make a world of difference! I love the Purdy 3 in. XL Dale Angled Paint Brush.

A nice brush will help reduce lines and give you less grief in the long run.

Do NOT freak out about how it looks after the first coat.

This paint is incredibly different than any other paint, like I mentioned above. It’s much thicker and a very different texture. I was super panicky the first time I used it, and with the first coat. It is super streaky, and the darker finish shows through A LOT.

Exhibit A:


See those streaks, and how badly the wood shows? Don’t fret! It gets better with a second coat.



The biggest tip I can give is this:

Don’t brush too much.

The more you brush over the same spot, the more it removes the paint. It looks better to do less strokes!

After finishing the paint, all I needed were some new knobs. If you didn’t know, Amazon is the BEST place to order knobs! They’re way cheaper than at a hardware store, plus they have a wide selection you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

I ordered these beauties and couldn’t believe how perfect they looked with our vanity! These pumpkin ivory knobs were very affordable, as well! Can’t beat that, can you?


Here’s the finished product with our new knobs, and the new paint. What do you think?


I love our “new” vanity, and am so glad that I took the plunge with milk paint!

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