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Holiday Tree Runner

For Christmas, I wanted to sew something for my mom, as I never had before. She already had a Christmas-themed quilt, so I wanted to do a different project. I saw this adorable table runner in a Missouri Star Quilt Company Idea Book, and thought it would be perfect for her large, farmhouse-style table.

The best thing about this table runner was it was pretty simple and quick to make!




Quilt Top

  • 5 – 10 inch green squares
  • 6 – 10 inch white squares
  • 1 – 10 inch red square
  • 1/2 yard outer border


  • 1/4 yard coordinating fabric


  • 3/4 yard or 2 3/4 yards 108 inch wide coordinating fabric

Additional Materials


  1. Using the 10-inch half hexagon template, cut 10 shapes from the five 10-inch green squares. Repeat with five 10-inch white squares. Additionally, cut these half hexagons in half again to make them quarter hexagons.
  2. Sew a solid quarter hexagon to either side of the “tree branch.” The placement can be tricky! Repeat nine more times to make a total of ten branches.
  3. Sew five branches together – all facing the same way – lengthwise to make one tree. Each side should have the same number of branches. If you want to make a longer table runner, add more branches now. I did five on each side. 
  4. From the last white 10-inch square, cut two 3 1/2 inch x 7 1/4 inch rectangles. Sew them together short end to short end to equal 3 1/2 inch x 14 inch. The strip will link the trees together. Sew it between the tops of both trees.
  5. Trace the star onto the paper side of the Heat ‘n Bond, bumpy side down.
  6. Rough cut around the star. Iron it onto the back side of the red fabric.
  7. Cut out the star shape. Remove paper and press into place onto the runner between two tree tops.
  8. Appliqué around the edge of the star by machine using a straight, zig-zag, or blanket stitch.
  9. From the outer border fabric, cut four 3 inch strips. Sew these end-to-end in one log strip.
  10. Measure the short sides of the runner (14 inches). Cut two strips to that length. Stitch one to each short side, right sides together. The border fabric should be on top as you sew. This method reduces wavy borders. Press to the borders. Follow the same procedure for both sides. Include the newly attached top and bottom borders in your measurements.
  11. Cut the backing fabric in half lengthwise down the center making two 21 inch x 27 inch rectangles. Sew these right sides together along their 21 inch sides to use for backing.
  12. Backing size: 21 inch x 55 inch. Layer runner on batting and backing and quilt the way you like. Square up all raw edges.
  13. Cut four 2 1/4 inch strips from binding fabric to finish.

Before binding and quilting: 





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