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3D Paper Snowman Ornament

I love the Christmas season as a teacher! It is so fun to incorporate Christmas art into our routines and have the kids make gifts for their parents.

I wanted to have my students make some sort of ornaments to put on their trees at home, and I found the perfect solution on Red Ted Art’s website. If you aren’t familiar with her blog, you should definitely check it out! She has the CUTEST crafts that are really simple to do!

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

You’ll need to trace two different sized circles – one smaller, and one a bit larger. You’ll need eight of each size, and cut them out!


Fold each circle in half.


Glue the left side of one fold to the right side of another, until all of the same-sized circles are glued in a folded stack. Don’t glue the last piece together to make a full circle yet! 


Cut your string and loop it, tying it in a secure knot. It may be wise to double-knot it.


Put tons of glue on the folded crease, and stick your string in the middle. Then you can fold the last right side to the left side, gluing the string in place.

Repeat the gluing with the smaller circles, and glue them to the string, on top of the larger circles.

Cut strips of white paper and give them to the kids to color as scarves. I told them to be creative! Using an orange piece of paper, cut small triangles for noses.


Glue the nose on the head of the snowman. Once the scarf is colored, loop it around the snowman and glue where the two sides cross.

Then your snowman is complete!



These were a huge hit in my classroom! I originally thought that they might be too hard for first graders, but they were completely fine! I had to help a little bit with getting them on the string, but not too much!

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