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Yarn Pumpkins with Balloons

Fall break has only just begun, and I am going seriously stir-crazy already! We had plans to work on our pavers, as the weather would finally be nice enough, and then the wind decided to blow twenty miles per hour. It’s so sunny and warm, but the wind is awful!

Sooo basically, our plans are on hold. Again.

I’m dying to get these pavers done before it snows! And that could be ANY day now…

I love fall, but it seems like it is such a fleeting season here. The leaves finally turn, and then they seem to almost immediately fall. Every year I hope that it last just a little bit longer, but Mother Nature obviously has other ideas.

With the changing seasons comes new art projects in my classroom, as well! Halloween being right around the corner, I want to incorporate as many Halloween-themed art projects into the classroom as I can.

My class was headed to a nearby pumpkin patch for a field trip, and I wanted to do a pumpkin art project first. I had seen pumpkin art made with yarn and balloons, and I wanted to give it a try!

This art project was EXTREMELY MESSY, so be warned! 

What You’ll Need:

  • Orange yarn
  • Brown and green pipe cleaners – two green and one brown per individual
  • Balloons
  • Elmer’s glue
  • Paper bowls
  • Plastic tablecloths

What To Do:

  1. I laid a plastic tablecloth over each of my student groups to keep the mess more under control. This helped immensely with the clean up!
  2. Each student was given a blown-up balloon. I blew them up to a decent size, but not too big – it still had a round shape, before it starts to look too much like an egg.
  3. I cut the orange yarn into 36-40 inch pieces and tied it onto the end of each balloon ahead of time. (You don’t have to do this all ahead of time, but I teach first graders, so figured it would be much easier this way.)
  4. Each student filled the bottom of their bowls with Elmer’s glue. It takes lots!
  5. Put the entire length of the yarn into the glue and swirl it around with your hands. My students were up to their elbows in glue. Seriously.
  6. Wrap the glue-covered yarn all over the balloon, making sure it sticks. When the yarn has been wrapped around the balloon, we let our balloons sit in the bowls to dry.

Ours ended up looking like this:

IMG_4206IMG_4205 Once the balloons are completely dry, (we waited a whole school day) you can pop the balloons with a safety pin or needle. I cut the balloon out at the base of the tie, and left the ends attached to the yarn. The yarn ended up caving in once the balloon had popped, but it can be molded right back into the correct shape. It also left behind glue film, but I just had the students pull it off and throw it away.

Using the pipe cleaners, we made stems and vines for the pumpkins. We twisted each of them around fingers and attached them to the end of the balloon, which was still there. This hid the balloon end and also made them look so cute!


Although this art project was super messy, I loved it! My students were so excited to take their pumpkins home and show their families.


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