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Construction Paper Fall Trees

This cold weather had me thinking that my class should do an art project having to do with fall and the soon-to-be changing leaves. I didn’t want to do something too complicated, as it would be our first art project of the school year.

I searched Pinterest for ideas, and obviously found tons that I wanted to do in the classroom, but most required actual leaves, which haven’t turned or fallen quite yet. Thankfully!

I found a project using strips of construction paper, which I figured would be simple enough for our first art project!

I started the kids off by tracing their hand and arm on a white piece of construction paper.

This is the paper that I always order for my classroom, and it lasts for a while, which as a teacher, is important!

Please note: this post contains affiliate links. Purchasing from these links helps fund my teaching endeavors and home improvement projects. This does not cost you anything! 

Pacon Lightweight Construction Paper, 9-Inches by 12-Inches, Assorted Colors, 500 Count (6555)

I stressed the importance of keeping their arm fairly straight, so it would look more like a tree trunk. After they traced their hand and arm, they colored it brown.


I had cut strips of red, yellow, and orange construction paper ahead of time. The kids grabbed the strips and rolled them up into small circles, which they glued onto the fingers, or branches, of their tree.

Some of the students were more creative and made piles of leaves on the ground and made them look to be falling off of their tree.


I was very impressed with how these turned out! My first graders haven’t done many art projects in school yet, and they were so excited and eager to get going! These were a really simple project to do with little ones, but could be made more complicated for older kids.

I hung their work out in the hall, and every time they walk by, they beam with excitement and pride over their projects.


I sure love these little ones of mine!


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