Roll and Read Sight Words

I have finished teaching my second week of first grade! First grade has been such a huge change from third grade. I was pretty shocked at the difference, even though I knew that, going in.

The kids need much more assistance throughout the day with things that third graders can do independently, like shoe tying and jacket zipping.

My first week was a pretty steep learning curve, and I felt like I had to re-discover ways to teach that worked with my class. My second week went much more smoothly. I have learned to anticipate what my students need help with ahead of time, which has helped!

My students are the SWEETEST. They adore school and look up to me so much, which makes me feel so good, and so important! They ALWAYS follow directions. When I ask them to do something, they just do it! All of them are so kind to each other and are young enough still that they don’t talk back or make rude comments to one another, which I did get in third grade.

The biggest difference between the two grades is reading. By the end of first grade, they should all be reading, unless there’s a circumstance that keeps them from doing so. That means that I have practicing sight words and practicing every day.

I don’t want them to get bored with the same activities each day, so I had been looking for ways to incorporate more hands-on activities with their reading practice.

I created a sight word activity, roll and read, that gets them more actively involved in their learning! For this activity, they need a die, a roll and read paper, dry-erase marker, and a whiteboard eraser. I placed the paper sheet inside a plastic sheet protector to keep the sheets lasting longer and have the kids feel like they aren’t completing a worksheet.

Upon rolling their die, they have to read a word from the appropriate column and check it off with their dry-erase marker. The goal within the center is to cross off every word.

This can be a partner activity, as well!

IMG_4161 (1)

My kids have loved doing this activity. They like being able to count their die and pick the words that they want to read, rather than just having to go through flashcards.

If you are interested in this activity, check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store and you will be able to download it!


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