Under the Sea Classroom Reveal

You guys! My classroom is finished and ready for the first day next week. I am so excited with how it turned out. My aunt was dying to decorate it and we chose an “under the sea” theme. She had been gathering ideas on Pinterest, and we replicated our favorites. The theme went perfectly with a light blue wall that I have. I also turned my office into a reading nook, which ended up being the perfect addition to my classroom!

My grandma and my aunt started by cutting out brightly colored fish out of construction paper while we were at the lake for the weekend. They had to have cut out hundreds and hundreds!


This paper was PERFECT to use throughout the decorations for the theme of my classroom.
Wausau Astrobrights Heavy Duty Paper, 24 lb, 8.5 x 11 Inches, Assortment of 5 Cool Tone Colors, 500 Sheets (20264)

My aunt had purchased some light blue plastic tablecloths and black posterboard to create the turtles and the waves. Using a template she had drawn herself, she cut out the turtles out of the posterboard. The tablecloths were looped onto the classroom, stuck to the ceiling with double-sided tape.

This tape is the best! It is guaranteed to stick anything on your walls, cinderblock or not!

Scotch Double Sided Tape, 1/2 x 500 Inches, 6 Dispensers/Pack (6137H-2PC-MP)

The seaweed was made using streamers, which we twisted and stuck to the walls, spacing them close together to create the ocean-like effect.

The clownfish and seahorses were made using paper plates, and just painted and outlined with a black Sharpie. We also glued stars onto the seahorses to make them look a bit more fancy.

The jellyfish were free-handed and cut out of the butcher paper at my school. We taped the streamers to the backs, and hung them up using multiple pieces of the double-sided tape.

When the kids and parents came in for Back to School Night, they were in awe of their classroom! Parents loved it, and the kids couldn’t get over the turtles on the ceiling.

I can’t believe that this is MY classroom, as I’d only ever seen classrooms like this on Pinterest. I am so excited to have such a fun and exciting classroom for my students, and am so grateful to my aunt and grandma for pulling this all off!!

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