End of the Year ABC Countdown

I cannot even believe that the end of the school year is coming up in just a handful of weeks! This year seems to have flown by, and before I know it, I’ll be packing up my classroom and heading to a new school.

I will really miss my kiddos. I’ve had an awesome class this year. Although we’ve had our rough days, I love them dearly and will be sad to see them go.

Nobody told me that the end of the year was so bittersweet as a teacher! And it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, either. I think it’s even harder knowing that I won’t see these kids again passing in the hallway, or coming by to visit me during recess.

This will really be goodbye!

With the days wrapping up, our school is getting close to having only a few weeks of school left!

That being said, I was given an “ABC Countdown” activity that will begin on Friday, as by then we’ll only have 26 days of school left. This countdown was given to me by Shannon Milner, an incredible first grade teacher at my school.

Every day, there is a different activity that corresponds with the letter of the alphabet. So, on Friday, the activity begins with the letter “A,” and the last day of school would be a “Z.”

Here is the list of the activities:

A – Ask Your Teacher a Question Day – Anything goes!

B – Book Day – Come to school with your favorite book and read it with a buddy

C – Chew Day – Your teacher will provide a piece of gum for you to chew

D – Draw Day – Students will have some free draw time

E – Exercise Day – Teachers will lead the class in exercises throughout the day

F – Fruitful Day – Bring fruit for your snack today

G – Get Ready for Bed Day – Come to school in your jammies!

H – Hat Day – Wear a hat to school today

I – Interest Day – Bring something you are interested in for show and tell

J – Joke Day – Come to school with a joke to share!

K – Kick Off Your Shoes Day – Make sure to wear clean socks! 🙂

L – Leisure Day – Bring a beach towel! We will read outside!

M – Mix It Up Day – Sit where you want today!

N – Name Day – We will make name art

O – Outside Classroom – Have a lesson outside

P – Popsicle Day – Enjoy a popsicle break at school

Q – Quiz Day – Quiz each other using trivia questions with your class!

R – Rainbow Day – Dress in your favorite color of the rainbow

S – Sports Day – Be a good sport and get ready to play

T – Thankful Day – Write a thank-you card at school

U – United We Stand – Wear red, white, and blue

V – Video Day – We will watch an educational video

W – Write in Pen – Bring a pen to school and write in pen ALL day

X – eXtra Recess Day – Enjoy an extra 15 minute recess with your teacher

Y – Year End Day – Clean up the classroom for the summer and sign memory books

Z – Zip Day – Zip up your backpack and zoom home for a great summer!

Below is a PowerPoint with the letter to send home with your students and a list of the activity countdown. Feel free to edit and share with your friends and colleagues!

ABC Countdown (1)

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