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Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers

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I’ve been fighting a nasty sinus infection for weeks. I finally caved and went to Urgent Care, where I was prescribed a nasal steroid and antibiotic. After three days of being on the medicine, I’m finally starting to feel more like myself!

Which is awesome, because we have an appraiser coming to the house we’re renting from my parents TOMORROW. I’m all in a panic, trying to get the house perfectly clean and ready.

This leads to our even bigger news, which is that we’re buying the house! We’ve been eager to buy for quite some time now, and we’re so excited to be able to buy the house that we’re already in, and thrilled about making further changes to it! We have so many yard projects planned, and are super ready to get the basement finished.

In other big news, I was offered a job teaching in the town that we live, Ririe, teaching first grade next year!! We live about a block away from the elementary school, which means I can walk to school! I am SUPER excited about the job, and can’t wait to meet my first graders! I will definitely miss my Kennedy family, so the change is pretty bittersweet for me, but it makes more sense for myself and my family.

But enough about us, and more about my current post!

I’m always searching for fun art projects for our weekly art lesson. I found an adorable project on Pink Stripey Socks‘ website.

This activity was pretty easy! My third graders were able to complete the project with a quick demonstration from me, and then were able to be let loose on their own!


4 white paper plates per child





Each child will need four paper plates. It’s best if you use the cheap uncoated ones. 

Draw a different sized flower on each paper plate.

Cut out each flower.

Using a pencil, curl the petals of each flower towards the center.

Stack the different sized flowers together, with the biggest on the bottom, and the smallest on the top.

Staple them together in the middle. This is a bit tricky with the curled petals, but if you’re careful, it works! I did this step for my students when they were ready. 

Paint your flower! We used regular watercolors, but liquid watercolors are even prettier!!

These paints have the best and brightest colors, I’ve found!

Sargent Art 22-6210 10-Count 4-Ounce Watercolor Magic

Sargent Art 22-6006 6-Count 8-Ounce Watercolor Magic Set


Flowers before the painting. 

After painting! 

My students loved this art project, and it easily became a class favorite! It will definitely be a repeat project!

2 thoughts on “Colorful Painted Paper Plate Flowers

  1. Jordan we are so happy to hear about your life changes. I worried about you driving to Rexburg all winter long & it is awesome to own your own home. Wayne & I only lived in an apartment the first 3 months of our married life 62+ years ago. Your school projects are beautiful. Rexburg will miss you but Ririe has gained an A+ teacher 👏 Love you honey😍😍


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