Leprechaun Traps

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope all of you are going to celebrate tonight, whether that be eating corned beef and cabbage, listening to Flogging Molly, or going out to an Irish pub and really living it up!

We’re headed to an Irish pub nearby, The Celt. I’ve never been to an Irish pub – let alone on St. Patrick’s Day! I’m excited to see the celebration in full force, for sure.

The festivities in my classroom began two weeks beforehand. I sent home a note regarding the kids making leprechaun traps. These traps weren’t mandatory; they were just for fun. They could be made out of simple household items. I encouraged my students NOT to go out and buy anything for them.

Here’s a few of the results!


On top of our traps, I wrecked our classroom last night. I turned over desks, pulled out paper, dumped out our crayon boxes, moved around chairs and computer keyboards, pulled books from the shelves, and pretty much upended my entire classroom.

I also decided to tip some of the traps over and close some of them. The kids were convinced that the leprechaun was upset over us trying to catch him.

To maximize this experience, I also picked up Oreo cookies and Wilton’s Gold Color Mist to replicate a pot of gold.

Wilton Gold Color Mist

This is completely edible, don’t worry! 

Laying the Oreo’s on sheets of newspaper, I sprayed them with the Color Mist, waiting for them to dry in between coats. I did three coats of the gold spray, and they spray was gone by the end of the third coat.

Once the cookies were dry, I placed them in a green bowl, and the kids believed that the leprechaun was so thrown off by our traps that he left his gold behind.


Seriously, I can’t make this up!

I was surprised that all of my third graders believed in leprechauns, but it made the day SO much more fun!

I hope you all have fun tonight!

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