Making Learning Awesome with Kahoot!

What is Kahoot?

I was completely unaware of Kahoot and had never even heard of it until a few weeks ago. My school district had a training, and the keynote speaker introduced us to this incredible website, even letting us use it.

Kahoot is a free website that allows you to create learning activities for any subject that are game-based. These learning games can be designed in minutes, made from a series of multiple-choice questions. It allows a refreshingly new take on education, and gets students excited about learning!

Is Kahoot only used in the classroom? 

Definitely not! Kahoot can also be used with board-game and trivia enthusiasts, at parties, played with a small group of friends, or even used to study!

All you need to play is some sort of device – whether it be a smartphone, computer, or tablet.

I projected the questions on the whiteboard, while my class answered using iPads and our class computers. We had to do the Kahoot in rotations, as I don’t have enough devices in my classroom for my students.

I used Kahoot in place of graded worksheets and practice book pages for my students. I veer away from worksheets as often as I can, opting for a more interactive learning option.

I took the same questions from the worksheet pages I would have given my students and created multiple-choice questions to test their knowledge and comprehension on our weekly target skills and learning goals.

I expected my students to enjoy the Kahoot more than the worksheets, but I didn’t foresee their excitement towards the website. They were over the top enthusiastic and begged me to give them the opportunity to do a Kahoot every week!

I was impressed on their accuracy on the timed multiple-choice questions, as their workbook pages are rarely given in a specific time limit – as long as they get done within the language arts period.

The questions that were widely missed by the class were immediately shown to me, and I could quickly reteach a specific concept right there, rather than trying to figure out what was not understood by the class using twenty-three workbooks and multiple pages of worksheets.

If you’re looking to check it out or create your own Kahoot, click here to head towards their Create a Kahoot webpage!

This is what Kahoot looks like on a device! The answers are projected on another screen, and the user picks the corresponding shape within the time limit. The fastest ones to answer correctly get the most points! 


Kahoot projected on the whiteboard in our classroom. 


2 thoughts on “Making Learning Awesome with Kahoot!

  1. Ahhhh! Kahoot is the best! I use it a lot! I also really like Quizizz (slightly different format, but similar idea). I love the team feature on Kahoot for days I don’t have enough iPads. It gives the kids a chance to work together to answer the question. Every couple of questions I have them rotate the iPad. Hooray! 🙂

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