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Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Animals Craft

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I wanted to do an art activity that centered around Valentine’s Day without being too mushy and lovey-dovey for my students.

They get so weird about Valentine’s Day in third grade, acting like the opposite sex’s Valentine is a marriage request.

It cracks me up!

I’m writing this while still hyper-obsessing over that La La Land ending, and silently crying over what could have been.

If you haven’t seen it yet, run to the theater! It’s a beautiful and fun movie, with the ending putting such a twist on the regular rom-com mold.

Also, Ryan Gosling. Dear lord, enough said.

Does he really play the piano for the film? Yes, yes he does. Click here to see an exclusive interview with the man himself.

But enough of Ryan Gosling and his incredible piano talent, which makes me want to run out, buy a piano, and pick it back up…

I got this idea for the Valentine’s art project from my colleague and amazing team member, Stephanie Whaley.

Shout out to an amazing third grade teacher! Her art projects are continually outstanding. If only I could be half as great as her!

I let my students fully use their imaginations for this project, although I DID have example ideas for them to see, so they more fully understood what the finished product looked like.

I told my class that I wanted their animal to be mainly made out of hearts, but they could do other shapes as well, as long as the majority of the bodies were formed out of hearts.

I was floored at all of their creativity! They easily made animals out of hearts, and even made ones that weren’t included in any of the examples.

I had students making ducks, tigers, fish, caterpillars, hedgehogs, penguins, lions, frogs, pandas, cats, dogs, and bears.

When they were done making their animals, we taped them onto the front of their desks to showcase their work. They were all SO excited about the outcome of this art project and were eager to run home and tell their parents and siblings about it!

Check out some of their work below!


This art project is definitely one that I will use again for years to come. It took the kids about forty minutes to think up an animal, a design, and begin constructing their ideas into something tangible.

If you’re struggling to come up with a Valentine’s Day themed art project, or are looking for something new to introduce in your classroom, I urge you to try out this fantastic art activity!


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