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Winter Hats Art Activity

With all of the cold weather and snow that we’ve had lately, I wanted to incorporate the blustery, winter season into my art activity for the week.

I had browsed through Pinterest and had seen some amazing projects, but the majority of them required tons of supplies that I didn’t have and were a bit too challenging for my third graders.

I ended up finding the cutest activity that my students really enjoyed, while still being a fast enough project to finish it up in one thirty-minute period of the school day.

You’re probably thinking that thirty minutes is hardly enough time to teach a successful art lesson and get through a craft.

You’re right, it isn’t! But I do the best that I can with the time that I’m given.

This project requires a template of a winter snow hat (I just googled winter hat outline and found loads to choose from, printed it out, and copied it for my whole class). Make sure your template has that fluffy ball on the top.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Does that thing even have a name? I seriously googled it to see, and couldn’t come up with anything useful to make sure I didn’t sound like a goober by saying, “fluffy ball thing.”

Back to your materials…

You’ll also need watercolor paints, tissue paper, scissors, glue, and a white crayon.

I had my students start the project by cutting out their winter hat templates and using their white crayons to draw some sort of design on their hats. It doesn’t matter if it’s perfect, because it turns out cute, no matter what!

Next, they painted their hats with watercolors, making sure to leave that fluffy ball thing untouched.

I gave each student about 1/6 of a piece of tissue paper (they won’t need much). They cut little pieces up and crinkled them up, gluing the crinkled, rolled pieces onto the ball on the top.

We used Elmer’s glue instead of glue sticks, as the tissue paper seemed to stick better with the liquid glue.

Let the hats dry, and…tah-dah! A simple, adorable craft project that the kids adored!


Aren’t these just the cutest? My students were all so creative and it was so fun to see that each hat turned out completely different from the rest!

I will warn you ahead of time that the glue was a bit messy at the end, but nothing that a wet paper towel or a Clorox wipe couldn’t fix!

Clorox wipes are a teacher’s best friend. Literally. 


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