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DIY Christmas Sharpie Plates

I know I haven’t posted in a while, and it isn’t just because of the busy holiday season.

We took a family cruise to the Caribbean, and were gone for the entirety of my Christmas break. Saying that this was the best vacation EVER is a complete understatement. If you’ve never gone to the Caribbean, you must! The water is turquoise! Seriously.

We spent days on the beach, went cave tubing, zip lining, snorkeling, and actually swam with stingrays!! It was such a blast, and it was a serious bummer to leave 85+ degree weather and come back to negative temperatures. Boo.

I am seriously considering moving to Grand Cayman.

On another note, these Christmas plates were an idea generated by another third grade teacher on my team, Kyle Johnson. Shout out to a wonderful teacher!!


As any teacher would, I borrowed his sharpie plate idea as a Christmas gift from my students to their parents. Finding gift ideas for 23+ kids to give to their parents gets tricky sometimes, so it’s always wise to jump onto a great idea that you see!

I found these Christmas-themed plates at the dollar store and bought one for each of my students. I also bought a large pack of brightly-colored Sharpies they could use for their designs and writing.

I had three requirements for each plate, and the rest was up to their own creativity.

  1. The plate must say, “Merry Christmas.” (All of my students celebrate Christmas, so this wasn’t a no-no in my own classroom. That wouldn’t always be the case.)
  2. The plate must also say, “Love, Insert Name Here.
  3. I also wanted them to put the year and the grade they are in. They didn’t believe me when I said as they grew up they wouldn’t remember when they made the plate, but I somehow convinced them that it was necessary.

After they finished their plates, I let them dry in the classroom overnight. I didn’t want to accidentally smudge any of their work trying to take them home. I took them home the next day.

For the designs to stay on the plate during washing and eating, you must bake them in the oven before use.

To finish the plates up, I placed them in a cool oven and baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Obviously, I couldn’t fit all of the plates in at once, so I had to wait for my oven to cool back down before putting the next batch in. This helps ensure that your dinnerware doesn’t crack during the baking process.

This easy, fun craft project was a huge hit in my classroom, and the parents loved their gift!


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