Should You Give Homework Over Christmas Break? 

I have mixed feelings about giving homework over holiday breaks. It seems that only about half the class (or less) ever remembers to turn in their homework the day after a break, and rarely remember it the week following a break.

Instead of assigning regular homework this Christmas, I decided to do things a little differently. I was able to wrap everything up prior to our last day, and am “assigning” a different type of homework for the break.

This thought came to me following my pants debacle today, which was embarrassing beyond belief! If you want to get twenty-three pairs of eyes staring at you instantly, tear your pants in front of the class.

Yes, you heard me right, and I’ll explain. We’ve been having extremely cold temperatures lately (think in the negatives), and recess was indoors all day. My students were super wiggly, especially considering that Christmas break starts tomorrow after school! I put on a Go Noodle workout video, and was doing it with my class.

Apparently dress pants and frog squats don’t mesh well, because my bright purple polka-dotted underwear was suddenly visible to everyone, and I had to make do with yanking my sweater down over the tear. All. Day. Long.

But anyways, enough about my most embarrassing day in the history of my twenty-four years, and back to the reason for this blog post.

Homework. Holiday breaks. Take a look and see what you think!

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