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Kandinsky Trees

With my third graders, we had been talking about warm and cool colors, and I wanted to incorporate them into an abstract art project.

Remember my Kandinsky mural art project? If you don’t, check it out!

I used Kandinsky’s influence for our abstract trees art project, and the kids really enjoyed it! The trees look like Christmas trees in the end result, so this project is best done around the holidays.

Here’s how easy this fun project can be incorporated into your own classroom!

Step One: Use a white piece of card stock and set it vertically on a surface.

Step Two: Using a ruler, draw a large triangle directly in the middle of your paper.

Step Three: With a ruler, draw different shapes with straight lines both inside and outside of your paper. Make sure that the entire paper is covered with shapes!

Step Four: Using a white crayon, trace every single pencil mark on the paper. This keeps your paint from running into each shape.

Step Five: Here’s where you get to use watercolors! Using only warm colors, paint all of the shapes on the OUTSIDE of the triangle. Warm colors are reds, pinks, yellows, browns, and oranges. It looks the coolest if you alternate the colors used, rather than painting all of the shapes one color.

Step Six: Using only cool colors, paint all of the shapes on the INSIDE of the triangle. Cool colors = blues, greens, and purples.

These turned out so awesome, and the kids really felt proud of their work! They end up looking a little bit like stained glass due to the white crayon, and each student’s work was completely unique!

Check them out!

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