Paper Plate Skeleton

Who loves Halloween more than kids? My students have been talking about Halloween for weeks, and have been so excited as it’s been drawing closer.

For science this week, I did a lesson on bones. We talked about what would happen to your skin without bones (think: gummy worm) and then I incorporated a hands-on art activity dealing with both bones AND Halloween.


All you need are paper plates (11 per person), scissors, yarn, and a hole-punch.

Cut the plates into the different bones. You will need one skull, one shoulder, one rib cage, one hip, two hands, two feet, four arm bones, and four leg bones.

Picture of Cut


instructable 022.jpg


instructable 021.jpg

Arm and Leg Bones:

instructable 019.jpg


instructable 025.jpg


instructable 020.jpg


instructable 027.jpg

Using your hole-punch, make a hole at each end of your bones. Tie together with string.

Here’s the finished product:




The kids were FREAKING OUT about how cool this skeleton turned out. Try it out for yourself!

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