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Lumberjack Throw Pillows

I’ve been seeing the “lumberjack” living room decor all over Pinterest lately. The red and black plaid is a great addition for winter, and I was debating ways to incorporate this look into my own living room, without redecorating the whole thing.

I decided on making new pillow covers for the throw pillows on my couch, and set out to get some fabric. I worried I wouldn’t be able to find any at my local fabric store, but the thought shouldn’t have even crossed my mind. This pattern was everywhere! It REALLY must be the new “thing.”

Making pillowcases for throw pillows is so simple and quick! I don’t actually use a pattern, but I’ll explain in detail how to complete these in about ten minutes.

Picking fabric is the first step, and then deciding your length. For two square throw pillows, one yard will do. It takes half a yard of fabric per pillow, so judge your quantity on that measurement.

Cut your fabric in half, vertically. It should be about 17 inches wide.

If you have a serger, you’ll want to serge the top and bottom edges. Keep your fabric vertical to do this. Once the edges are serged, fold over the serged edge and sew.

*If you don’t have a serger, sew the length of your fabric across the top to the width of your presser foot. Afterwards, fold over and do the same thing to create a nice, finished edge! Make sure you’re sewing right sides together, as you want your pattern to be the correct side when it’s finished. Trust me, I’ve messed this up before! Seam rippers are a seamstress’ best friend!

Fold your fabric horizontally, perfectly in half. Be very careful doing this, as your pillowcase measurements depend on the fold.

After folding in half, grab your pillow! Place the fold directly in the middle of your pillow. Pull the fabric nice and tight to remove any wrinkles or folds. Fold over both edges of fabric hanging over your pillow until your pillow is wrapped nice and tight with your fabric. Mark the edges of the folds with a pin, and remove your pillow. Pin together the sides of the fabric right where you marked with your pin. Make sure each piece of fabric has been pinned so it doesn’t bunch up when you start to sew! 

Sew vertically up both sides. Turn your pillowcase inside out (it should now be the correct side). I use a crochet hook and very carefully push it in the edges to get perfect corners, but you don’t have to! Put your pillow inside your new pillowcase and you’re done!

Here’s how my lumberjack style pillows turned out!


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