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Upcycled American Flag Mirror

My grandma, which you may have realized from previous posts, loves the American flag. She has an entire craft room that is dedicated to Americana decor.

I had found a mirror at a thrift shop in Logan, Utah that was pretty basic. My intentions were to paint it like the American flag for my grandma.

I measured each stripe using the width of the ruler, starting from the top of the mirror and measuring to the very bottom. The stars were free-handed. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.

I had previously painted a flag coffee table for my dad (a post on that craft is to come!) and used the same paint. Elliott, my parent’s “paint guy” at their local lumberyard in Victor, Idaho, hand-picked the paint colors for it. We had told him we wanted antique looking paint colors for the coffee table, and not the traditional cardinal red and royal blue. He knew exactly what to mix for us, and we were extremely impressed.

Yes, he’s THAT good.

Anyways, back to the flag mirror.

I used the same paint to give the mirror a more antique look. The stripes were pretty easy to paint, but the stars gave me quite a bit of trouble. Yes, I became frustrated. Yes, I sometimes thought about giving up.

I’m so glad I didn’t.


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