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Baby J’s Quilt

I can’t even begin to tell you how much has been going on this summer, hence the very infrequent blog posts since school got out. The weather has been beautiful, hanging out with friends and family, working, and I’ve been doing long-awaited craft projects.

This leads me to one of my latest ventures: a baby quilt! A friend from work  and his wife are expecting a little girl late-August, and I thought it was the perfect chance to make another quilt, which I LOVE to do!

At Porter’s, we picked up a Jelly Roll (fabric precut into strips and the patterns go together already) that would be perfect  for a girl’s baby quilt.

With a Jelly Roll, all you need to do is figure out how many strips of fabric you need and sew the edges together. Once you’ve sewn all of the edges together, cut your strip in half and do the same thing, repeating the process until you reach your desired quilt size.

One of the best things about using a Jelly Roll is that you don’t know what your quilt will look like until the end, which is super fun!

Here’s how Baby J’s quilt turned out:

For the edges, I actually hand-stitched the binding. I’ve shied away from doing this previously as I thought it would be too difficult, but you just can’t beat how beautifully the edge turns out. Totally worth the time!!

Stay tuned for more quilts coming your way!

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