Classroom Jobs

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In my classroom, we’ve created a community of learners AND hard workers. Part of this includes my students each having a special job that they perform each day.

We started out the year by applying for jobs. And yes, they actually filled out an application.

Get it here!

Classroom Job Application

Here’s a list of our jobs, and what each person does.


Classroom Jobs

President: takes roll and lunch count

Computer Programmer: checks computers, turns them off

Meteorologist: gives daily weather report to the class

Fireman: leads the class to lunch and other activities

Caboose: stands last in line and turns off lights when the class leaves the room

Substitute Teacher: performs jobs for absent students

Travel Agent: keeps track of field trip permission slips

Parks Director: makes sure playground equipment is returned

Recycling Coordinator: empties recycling

Receptionist: answers phone

Secretary: takes over when president is gone, cleans whiteboards

Mailman: puts papers in mailboxes

Grocer: passes out treats and snacks

Classroom Custodian: passes out paper or other supplies

Maid: cleans whiteboards after school and runs errands

Chemist: passes out supplies in science

Newspaper Reporter: helps with class newspaper

Police: classroom problem solver

Nurse: gives out band-aids when necessary

Librarian: puts books back where they belong

Photographer: takes class pictures

Mathematician: passes out math supplies


Here’s a printable list of jobs that students can take home.

Classroom Jobs


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