Hedbanz Vocabulary

hedbanz game

Many of you are (most likely) familiar with the children and family game, Hedbanz. This game has a set of cards and plastic headbands, with a slot for the card. Players pick a card and insert it into the slot. They then have to guess what their card is through questioning the other players.

You’re probably thinking that this post is extremely random. Why should you care about Hedbanz in the classroom anyways?

I first came up with the idea while I was planning out my week. Normally, I introduce a new set of vocabulary words each Monday. However, this past week was a vocabulary review. I wrote up all of the vocabulary words we had studied over the school year on half of a note card. Keep in mind this was about 100 note cards total.

Next, I lined up my students and taped a random card onto their forehead. They went around the classroom, asking only “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what their vocabulary word was. When they guessed correctly, they received another card.

We had SO much fun with this in the classroom! My students wanted to keep playing instead of going to lunch. I definitely plan on playing it again.

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