Here’s the SCOOP on our multiplication!



My students really needed to kick it into gear on memorizing their multiplication facts. I came up with an incentive that helped them gain the motivation needed to start working on them.

I made a deal with my students. Depending on how many facts they completed, that would be the determining factor of what they received at our “End of the Year Ice Cream Party.” Seriously, I just made that up. But they ADORED the idea.

I found a sheet on Teachers Pay Teachers that would help them keep track of their progress. When I pass them off on a fact, they will be able to color in that section of their sheet. Their sheets serve as their ticket into the party. If they only pass off a few facts, they may only receive one scoop of ice cream, instead of four.

Once you see the sheet, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about.

The sheets have helped keep them responsible-and honest, about which facts they have completed. They can visibly see every day that they are in charge of their own learning. If they don’t complete their sheet, it’s due to their own negligence, which they fully understand.

If you’re interested in downloading the sheet, here you go!

Sundae Sheet 2

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