Bubble Art

Our school doesn’t have an art teacher, which leaves art to be taught once a week by the classroom teacher. I love art, but honestly wouldn’t know what to do without Pinterest. It has THE BEST ideas that I can incorporate into my own classroom. I couldn’t be as successful with our art lessons if it weren’t for the website.

I had left art to the last minute, unfortunately, and was scrambling to come up with something that the kids would enjoy. I stumbled across my golden ticket (on Pinterest, of course) and gathered up the supplies.

The project I had the kids work on was this: drawing bubbles! It sounds kind of strange, I know, but it was a blast!

The original post can be found here.

I had the kids watch the movies that really showed the aspects of the bubbles-what they look like in the sun, and how they have a sheen to them.

I gave each student a black sheet of paper, chalk, and they were instructed to find anything in the classroom that was round, for tracing. Some students opted to work independently, while others formed a partnership.

Their results were outstanding!

Check them out below:




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