Classroom Jeopardy


Within my school district, we use Journeys language arts curriculum. Although I really like our program, it covers a TON of material each week. So much so that sometimes I’m worried about my students being able to retain it all.

Rather than give my kids worksheets and busy work to check their understanding, I found a better way to review the information and get my students interested in their own learning.

What’s this, you ask, that I’m doing to keep my kids engaged and having fun in our classroom while still reviewing the required material?


On Jeopardy Labs, you can either create your own Jeopardy template, or browse the templates created by others. Did I mention that it’s free? It can’t get better than that! The website has Jeopardy games for each story in my Journeys curriculum, and my students have LOVED playing the game as a review. The game has also helped them solidify concepts and their understanding on aspects of each story.

I’ve loved using Jeopardy in my classroom, and you will, too!

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