Rube Goldberg Machines

I had the opportunity to serve an internship at Edith Bowen Laboratory School in Logan, Utah while attending Utah State University. I loved every minute of my internship, particularly the third grade teacher I worked with, Missy Shunn-Mitchell. She had a passion for teaching-especially with science.

Her passion for science opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of the hands-on experiences that I could give to my own students, which then carried over into my own classroom.

She had done a project in her third grade classroom with Rube Goldberg Machines, which the kids adored. This year, I received a grant through my school’s Parent Teacher Organization, which I used for science supplies for this, among other projects.

I started out by showing my students this video.

We then talked about force and motion, and how we can make our own complicated machines to do something simple, such as ringing a silver call bell (which I bought specifically for these projects.)

IMG_1911IMG_1912IMG_1913 (1)IMG_1914 (1)IMG_1915 (1)IMG_1916IMG_1917IMG_1918 (1)


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