While watching our beloved CNN Student News in our third grade classroom, the anchor, Carl Azuz, showed a snippet of band OK Go’s most recent music video, which showed them in zero gravity inside an airplane. This was accomplished by flying the Russian airliner at a 45 degree angle and then angling downwards into a sharp parabola, which allowed the band members to experience 27 seconds of zero gravity. This was done EIGHT times!!

We had been talking about space and gravity in science, so naturally, my kiddos just HAD to see the music video.

I you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it!!

And here’s the music video that started it all…

OK Go always has the best music videos. I highly recommend Needing/Getting that shows the band making their own music with their car and an elaborate musical course they had set up, This Too Shall Pass, which portrays the band’s Rube Goldberg machine, and I Won’t Let You Down, that has an elaborate umbrella dance planned by a ridiculous amount of people.

Enjoy! Your ears and eyes will thank you!

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