Bookmark Reports

At our third grade collaboration, one of the teachers shared her ingenious take on reading calendars and book reports. My own experience with monthly reading calendars has led to disappointment. While a handful of my students have reported their nightly reading and had their parents sign it, I’ve had kids never remembering to turn any in for the entire year and making up a random number, say, 12,000 minutes, and “signing” their mom’s signature.

Really?! You expect me to believe that you actually read 12,000 minutes? You read roughly a quarter of the entire month? 

Not very likely.

I can tell which of my students are actually reading and which ones aren’t, which they don’t seem to take into consideration.

Anyways, back to the main point.

Instead of a monthly reading calendar, I’ve been doing these “bookmark reports,” and the kids have eaten them up. They keep the report in their book as their own bookmark. Hence the name.

This month, we’re focusing on characters of the  books that they’re reading and in March we will focus on setting, text features, and the sequence of events. My students can do as many bookmark reports as they want, but are required to do at least one. My only stipulation is that their book needs to be a chapter book.

The kids have been more eager to get them turned in and I’ve already had three turned in for the month of February. ALREADY! I’ve had a much better turnout with these reports, for sure.

If you’re interested in these reports, check them out below!



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