Totem Poles

Each week in my classroom, I plan an activity that goes along with our story within the Journeys English program. We recently read a Native American legend and I was scrambling to find an activity that aligned with the short story.

When I was student teaching in fifth grade, we had made totem poles for each table and the kids had really enjoyed it. I decided to incorporate the totem poles into a lesson of my own.

Each student picked an animal that they thought would represent them. (Most just picked an animal that they liked.)

I have a HUGE amount of construction paper in my classroom. Like, we’ll never run out. Ever. I had the students pick a color of their choice and we stapled the ends together in a circle. They then had free reign to create their animals and tape or glue them to their totem. Once each table was done, we taped them together and hung them from the ceiling.

My third graders LOVED them and we’ve left them up for quite a while. It was so much fun to incorporate art into language arts and get my kids involved in hands-on learning!


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