Class Dojo


My teacher friends were going on and on about a classroom management app, Class Dojo, and I was pretty skeptical. How could an app help my classroom run more smoothly? I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t heard much about it, either, so I didn’t know what to expect.

I figured that I might as well look at it, right? It’s not like I HAD to use it.

I was wrong.

So wrong.

After signing up for my FREE teacher account, I entered in my students and their parent’s email addresses. Class Dojo sent parents the options for how they wanted to be contacted-either through their phone or email. Each student is assigned a “monster” avatar. You are able to award points based on good behavior, turning in homework, helping classmates, and working hard; being off-task, disrespectful, or unprepared will result in a point taken away, all managed by the teacher. My students have loved hearing the noise from points being added (which I keep anonymous), and instantly get to work when they hear a point getting taken away. Parents are kept up to date on how their child is doing that day, which I love!

I haven’t even mentioned the best part about Class Dojo. How could it get better than this management system, right?

Are you ready?

Here we go!

The program has a “Class Story” feature that is very similar to a Facebook wall. You can post photos, videos, and announcements about what you are doing in class that is shared among parents, and nobody else. Instead of parents asking how school was and their child responding with, “It was good,” parents will actually know what we are doing and feel more connected to their child and teacher. There’s also a “Message” category that looks like a text message. You can communicate with parents without having to give out your personal cell phone or worry about texting charges (although who doesn’t have unlimited texting these days?).

I’ve ADORED Class Dojo and how motivated my students have been to earn their points. I’ve had very positive feedback from parents liking that they can see student work and behavior and know what’s going on in our classroom.

Try it out! I dare you.

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