Prodigy Game

While I was a long-term substitute teacher for a third grade classroom in Logan, Utah, I gained so many amazing and useful resources from the teacher I was temporarily replacing for maternity leave. She told me about a math resource, Prodigy, that she used with her students. I had seen the students playing the game while observing, but didn’t really know much about it at the time. This phenomenal teacher, Shannin Kishbaugh, opened up my eyes at how useful the game could be in my own classroom.

Setting it up was a cinch. You sign in as an educator and enter your school and student information, including the grade level that you teach. Next, the students login with their given usernames and passwords that they have created. The Prodigy site sends you a table with each student’s username and password for future reference, if they can’t remember it. The kids get to create and name their character, and then the fun begins! They get to play in different worlds with each other, battling monsters along the way. To fight these creatures, the must answer math questions that scales to their own ability level, challenging them and helping them with areas they need to work on along the way.

Prodigy has been a wonderful classroom motivator! I love how it challenges my higher students and scaffolds my students that may need further help in different mathematical areas. My students can’t wait to play the game and have even been playing it at home, too! I’ve seen a huge improvement in their math skills as it gets them more excited about math while working on specific problem sets. I would recommend using it in your own classroom.

What are you waiting for? Get your students engaged and excited about math!

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