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At a family dinner one weekend, my nephew, James, was praising news videos they occasionally watched in his fourth grade classroom. He raved about how great the videos were, and the whole class loved getting the opportunity to view them.

I decided to check them out and see if they would be something my own class would enjoy. Although I teach third grade, I believed it would be important for my students to learn about and grasp current events. We watched the first news video (after I had pre-viewed it) right after recess. I had high hopes that my students would like it, but wasn’t sure if it was beyond their understanding. They were enraptured throughout the entirety of the ten minutes. Carl Azuz, the news anchor for CNN Student News, delivers the current events and news material at a level children can understand, even making jokes near the end. There is a roll call section where teachers can comment with their school name, location, and mascot; if you’re lucky, you will be selected to get a shout out within the program!

My students adore student news. They look forward to it every day, and are eager to get the videos started. I have even received feedback from my students about conversations they’ve been able to have with their parents due to their newfound knowledge on current events.

I highly recommend showing CNN Student News with your class. My students have been able to see and understand what they hear on the radio, on TV, and from family members. I believe it is so important for kids to be informed, and they are capable of understanding so much more than they are given credit for.

Here’s the latest news video from CNN Student News. Take a look and see what you think!


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