String Art

I love making crafts. For Christmas gifts this year, I wanted to do something a bit more personal and crafty. How cliche is that?! I had been scouting Pinterest for ideas and seen that string art seems to be all the rage right now, but looked simple enough to do at home. I debated it for a while, and finally made up my mind, heading to Home Depot for the supplies.

I wasn’t quite sure what I needed. I knew that the nails had to be big enough to hold the string, yet small enough to not dominate the piece. I settled on 11/16″ silver nails and had the plywood cut at Home Depot. Next, I went about staining my boards so they had a more polished look. I used Minwax’s English Chestnut on all three boards.

I had read online that the easiest way to achieve a professional-looking string art was to print off what you wanted and tape it to your board, then nailing around the outlines. I decided that route would be the best and went about the task at hand. Once all the nails were in place, and trust me, it takes A WHILE, I took my embrodiery thread and tied it off on one nail, stretching it and criss-crossing it across the nails on the boards. When doing letters, I found it was easier to go around the outline first, and then zigzag within the nails.

I was extremely impressed with the finished products, and they turned out to be great Christmas gifts!


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