Sock Snowmen

For our class gifts to parents this year, I wanted to do something different. Most years, parents get poems, pictures, or drawings, but I wanted to tackle something that parents (mostly moms) could use during the Christmas season. I had seen a video floating around my Facebook news feed about a sock snowman craft project, where you literally use a white tube sock to create the body.

The video can be found here.

All you need is a sock, rice of any kind, string or rubber bands, scissors, pins, buttons, and pieces of fabric for the scarves.

First, you cut the heel off of the sock, leaving about 2/3 of the sock intact. Folding the sock inside out, use a piece of string — embroidery thread works the best — to bunch the fabric together and tie it closed. Flipped your sock the right way, fill your sock with rice to about the very top, leaving enough to either tie or rubber band the top closed. The top doesn’t show, so it doesn’t need to be pretty! Next, use a rubber band or string to give your snowman a middle, separating the sock and rice into two different sections. Make sure to leave the bottom part bigger, as that’s how your snowman stands upright. Using the foot of your sock that was cut, fold it up to make a hat, and put it upon the top of your snowman. Stick in some pins for eyes, hot glue some buttons on the body, and tie fabric around the middle to create a finished product!!

My students had minor help from me. I assisted in tying the thread and hot gluing, but these projects were mostly done completely on their own. We had so much fun, and they really didn’t take up too much time!




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