Next Up: Third Grade

On Tuesday, March 31st, I was offered a third grade teaching position at Kennedy Elementary School in Rexburg, Idaho. You better believe I took it! Third grade is my absolute favorite grade, and I couldn’t believe that I would get the chance to work with this grade. After touring the school, I knew I had found a great fit. My third grade team is unbelievable! They were so wonderful and took me around the whole school, excitedly showing me around and telling me the ins and outs of the place. They were eager to get me on their team, and actually cheered when I took the position! I am ecstatic to be a part of such an amazing place. The principal, Shane Williams, seems like the greatest principal that I could ever have. Everything’s lining up perfectly, and I’m eager to begin my planning for the school year.


I can’t wait to decorate and organize my classroom. I have a handful of ideas, but haven’t decided on one just yet. I’ve thought of a superhero theme, bees and beehive, and a space theme. I’m waffling between different ideas and pins that I’ve seen on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless, really!

At the end of May, the third grade team gets to meet and plan out the whole year, which will be really helpful for me. I already have a bunch of third grade materials from my level three practicum, and am excited to add to my repertoire. My new teacher training starts August 20th! I can’t believe this is actually happening, and feel so lucky to be part of Kennedy Elementary School.

Any ideas for third grade would be greatly appreciated!!

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