Book Fair

I’ve seen so many wonderful ideas on how to use book projects effectively, and get your students excited about projects following the reading of their books. One idea that I’ve held on to and love is to have a classroom book fair. Although this fair can be extended school-wide, I would start with just my classroom.

Upon finishing their fiction books, students will be given a tri-fold board to complete their projects on, much like what is done in a science fair. Each storyboard is labeled with these elements: the title, author, publisher and publication date, main characters, setting, plot summary, conflict, solution, author’s purpose, tone, or mood.

The projects will be completed at home, but if there is down time in the classroom, they can be completed then with help from their teacher.

Prizes can be given for the winners of the fair, determined by school administrators – office staff, principal, vice principal, etc. The winners are decided based upon creativity and meeting the required expectations outlined in the rubric.

Book FairPicture courtesy of Read. Write. Mom!, an amazing blog started by an elementary school librarian. Check it out! 

Book Fair Rubric

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