Masters Degree

Recently, I’ve been looking into getting my masters degree. It opens up so many doors, and helps me grow and develop as a teacher. I want to continue to improve, and will never stop learning and incorporating best practices, theories, and research into my own teaching.

I inquired about Utah State’s master’s program, but I would need to be available to go to classes. Unfortunately, unless I stop working, that probably wouldn’t be my best option. Unless, however, I decided to only work part-time or build my schedule around my classes. I had heard about Western Governors University and did a quick Google search. Their program is entirely online, and is a “work at your own pace” type of program. It’s about the same price as Utah State, unless I flew through the courses. Being a good student, I think I would do well with online courses. I inquired further information regarding the curriculum and instruction field of study, and am currently “patiently waiting” for my email to arrive. (Really, not so patiently. I’m eager to see what my options are, if it would be a good fit, and when I could start.)

I’m excited to see what my future holds!

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