Teaching Resources

Ever since I was hired at Edith Bowen as a tier one teacher, I have gleaned so many useful resources that I wish I had known about sooner. They would have been extremely helpful as a student teacher! On the other hand, I’ll use these resources even more in my own classroom, so really, it’s not much of a loss.

First and foremost, Edith Bowen is one of the best schools I’ve ever set foot in. The amount of resources that are available to teachers is shocking. Need 7,000 folders? They have it. Any piece of science equipment or math manipulatives? They have those too. My eyes have been opened to how lucky I am to be in such a great environment, where the administrators take such pride in their school and invests in student’s learning. These people must have DEEP pockets. Seriously. You are never left wanting a material; it is always on hand and provided immediately.

The faculty and staff at Edith Bowen have taken me under their wings and assisted me in every way possible. Not only do I feel welcome and wanted, but the school director, Mr. Johnson, tells me every day how wonderful it is that I’m at the school, and how lucky THEY are. What a way to make you feel on top of the world, right? Any question I have is met with enthusiasm and I am sent in the right direction, or counseled on what I should or could do.

The websites I’ve been directed to have been used every single day. Super Teacher Worksheets has been wonderful in planning lessons. Every worksheet imaginable is on this site, and I use it to reinforce what I’ve taught after my lessons, as an assessment, or as an exit slip. I can look at my students’ work and be able to see where to guide my next lesson, or what I need to target or reinforce the next day. Common Core Sheets, on the other hand, I recently discovered. This website has assessments aligned to each standard in the common core for every grade level. My schedule demands that I assess my students every Thursday in each group. Due to this, I feel as if this website is a gold mine. Even if I don’t use the exact assessments, I can pull questions and ideas from these documents. Last but not least: Teachers Pay Teachers. Created by and for teachers, this website is a marketplace for every need in the classroom. Teachers Pay Teachers really has everything.

Long story short-you should really check out these sites. It will make teaching much easier, and will stem your own creativity as well!

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